11 April 2022

Our Client Corner – April 2022

Client corner – April 2022

Our team of Learning Specialists are busy supporting clients in a range of development areas – Executive Coaching, Leadership, Culture Change, Executive Team Development, Talent Development, Sales, Mentoring, and Building Resilience.

Some of our current client projects include:

Virtual Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring in the virtual world is proving to be an invaluable talent development support in a number of global and Irish organisations we are partnering with – Legal, Financial Services, Govt Agencies. Harvest has just launched a fantastic mentoring programme with a global financial services company, providing learning and development support for almost fifty mentees and mentors. We are facilitating personal skills development masterclasses covering personal effectiveness, future leadership, and innovation and creativity, with guest speakers to broaden their experience and ensure they get the best from the programme.

Executive Coaching

Since launching our Executive Coaching panel, we have now partnered with a number of Executive leadership teams in a range of sectors. Through Executive and Business Coaching our highly experienced coaches can help bring clarity, strengthen personal resilience and motivate business leaders, supporting and challenging them to plan their development and achieve their leadership goals.

Building Resilience

In the last 18 months people, teams and organisations have had to dig deep, and develop and draw on their personal resilience to survive and thrive through the pandemic. Harvest has delivered a highly successful Building Resilience programme for leaders in the private and public sector. On this practical one-day programme we help participants to explore and understand their own resilience and use practical tools and techniques to build and develop resilience personally, in their teams and at organisational level.

If you are thinking of developing your people in any of these areas, please give us a call. We would be delighted to talk to you and explore how we can help.