31 January 2022

Our Client Corner – January 2022

Our Client Corner – January 2022

Well, January is off to a great start at Harvest as we are launching a number of exciting new programmes and offerings. January saw us partnering with clients on development programmes in areas such as Leadership Development, Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Sales and Negotiations, and Talent and Hi-potential development.

Some of our highlights from January include:

Talent Development Programme

We are currently working with a number of clients to develop high potential Team-Leaders and managers and support them to progress within their organisation.

At the start of the programme, participants completed a range of personal assessments, including career drivers, strengths and values, and skills questionnaires helping them to identify their career ambitions and priority areas for development and progression.

A series of bespoke virtual masterclasses are complemented by curated pre and post work and practical action plans, plus independent learning and research, business projects and action learning teams.

Inhouse Mentoring programmes

Harvest has a depth of experience in designing and developing bespoke in-house Mentoring programmes for organisations. We support clients from the initial set-up of the programme, through the matching process, and provide mentor and mentee workshops to accelerate the learning and value add from the very start of the mentoring relationship.

For some clients, we provide Masterclasses on relevant themes and topics. These are designed to stretch and challenge the mentees learning and participation, extending their knowledge and understanding of the organisation and industry, and how they can contribute and progress into the future. For mentors, we offer support with a toolkit of approaches and techniques they can use to support and mentor their colleagues as they progress through the programme.

Customer Service Excellence – “Let’s Build It Together Programme”

In this building boom, Harvest is partnering with a leading building and home improvement merchant, to provide the staff in their stores with the tools and techniques to deliver outstanding service for each and every customer.

The “Let’s Build It Together” programme is a practical virtual programme for branch staff, tailored and designed with staff and manager input, focusing on key customer profiles and needs. For the participants, the focus is on developing the personal skills and team effectiveness necessary to deliver exceptional customer service and sales engagement, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.