12 October 2021

Watch This Space – Harvest Coaching Panel

Watch This Space – The Harvest Coaching Panel

Coaching involves “unlocking” peoples’ potential to maximise their own performance” according to Sir John Whitmore.

We can all achieve more and maximise our potential with the help of a coach. In today’s fast-paced hybrid world, leaders and managers, now, more than ever, can benefit from the support of a skilled coach. Someone outside their organisation, who will support and challenge their thinking, perceptions, their perspective and enhance their performance.

So, whether you’re

  • at a career crossroads and are considering a new direction
  • an executive who needs some perspective and business insights on managing commercial challenges, planning strategic priorities or sales strategies, or
  • planning on developing specific leadership skills to help you progress in your career

then Harvest can help.

We have just completed a recruitment campaign to select a highly experienced team of coaches. Executive coaches, business coaches, and personal development coaches who specialise in areas such as Leadership and change, Mediation or negotiation, Sales and business development, and career transition and progression.

We will be launching our new Coaching offering in the next couple of weeks. So, if you are committed to personal and professional development and think that you’d benefit from the support and challenge that an external executive coach will provide, then come and talk to us.

Over a series of four sessions, our expert Coaches will facilitate and support you to achieve your personal development goals and business objectives.

Following an initial chemistry meeting where you will meet with our coach to explore your coaching goals and to see how you’d get along as coach and coachee, you’ll make a plan together of how to proceed.

Ideally, your personal development plan is based on the findings of a psychometric diagnostic tool, such as an EIQ emotional intelligence questionnaire, or a personality profile such as Insights, Korn Ferry or Myers Briggs. We also recommend 360-degree assessments – a 360 will provide insights from your manager, your direct reports and your peers who complete the questionnaire on your behalf. This gives you a real 360-degree view and perspective of how you are perceived by key people in your circle of influence.

In our experience, this is an invaluable starting point in any coaching relationship because it gives the coachee a real insight into how other people perceive them as a leader or manager.

Following on from the initial diagnostic or psychometric tool, you’ll meet the coach for a minimum of four sessions over the following four to six months, working through your goals and personal development priorities through tailored one to one coaching.

In some instances, the coaching will focus onjust in time interventions, to support and provide a safe place for you to prepare for a specific scenario, and maybe do a role play practice for an important situation. So, whether it’s a performance conversation you’re going to have or a critical presentation you’re going to deliver. Or negotiating an important deal, then our team of executive and business coaches, who specialise in the full range of leadership development areas for managers and executives, are just the people to help.

So, we will be launching this in the coming weeks and look forward to sharing the details soon….